Let`s define terms

Original Universal Intention (OUI ) – The initial motivation of the un-manifest potential of the universe ( the black hole before the big bang ) to expand out and manifest so it might know itself through its own creation.

Invoking presence – When an individual, group or collective aligns with OUI and is able to embody that connection, through being-ness, speech or action.

Some individuals have learned how to invoke presence. Some individuals have learned to invoke presence in groups.

However, there is a next step!

Now these groups must learn how to join in a presence that is collective!

The Collective Consciousness of Humanity is breaking through in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains! For a long time Boulder Colorado has been an example of advanced awareness exemplified in lifestyle, progressive initiatives, and healing modalities : in short, many agents of change, each working for their own agenda. Boulder is on the precipice of a shift. The next level for these groups is to cohere into an integrated community that is not unlike a beehive, i.e., cooperating for the welfare and good of the whole.

The mission of BREAKTHROUGH BOULDER is to foster the learning of this next level of invocation and to host a platform for this new collective presence to emerge. This shift into alignment with OUI will bring a new consciousness to humanity and will pollinate a new order of ” Beeing” on the planet.